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Seria z pojedynczą śrubą smarowaną wodą

Seria z pojedynczą śrubą smarowaną wodą

Sprężarka powietrza z pojedynczą śrubą smarowaną wodą dla przemysłu spożywczego

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Cechy i zalety

■ E cient and energy-saving: replace oil with water to realize the four major functions of lubrication, cooling, sealing and noise reduction.

■ 100% oil-free, providing a better reliable oil-free compressed air solution.

■ Green and environmental protection: the compressor uses pure water lubrication of drinking water standard.

■ It has the advantages of compact structure and less back-end auxiliary equipment.

■ More energy-saving and high initial e ciency, which solves the shortcomings of reduced wear e ciency of single-screw star wheels on the market.

■ Smooth operation and low noise (60dB).

■ Low maintenance cost: only need to replace basic consumables such as water lter, air lter and puri ed water.

■ The cooling system adopts the exhaust air type design, the heat dissipation is more uniform, and the heat dissipation performance is better.

■ Using frequency conversion drive, smooth start, more energy-saving.

■ The direct drive chain reduces the energy loss.

■ Water-cooled motor, less noise, better heat dissipation

1.With the fth generation of oil-free screw airend technology. The compressor airend and system adopt stainless steel alloy, thus the technological transcendence from the copper airend to the stainless steel airend is realized.

2.The function of automatic water exchange and automatic system cleaning can be realized, and the interior of the compressor is more clean and sanitary.

3.The airend patent optimized design, large rotor,low rotary speed,without gearbox,direct drive,it has lower rotary speed and longer life compared with dry oil-free screw air compressor.

4. Less maintenance consumables (air lter, water lter), easy maintenance, no professional sta is required to operate it, and less maintenance costs.

5. The full intelligent CNC precise machining technology keeps the airend working smoothly, which can ensure lower noise, smaller vibration, and longer service life.

6.Averagely more than 10% air delivery is generated for the same power of water lubricating screw air compressors than the same power dry type oil-free screw air compressor.

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Obszar zastosowania

■ Food industry, such as conveying, lling, packaging and other processes.

■ In the eld of medicine, gas used in pharmaceuticals, vaccines, etc., especially in hospitals.

■ In the textile industry, compressed air a ects the quality and hygiene of the fabric.

■ High-precision instrument industry, chip manufacturing and other process requirements.

■ Laboratory applications, analytical testing, chemical testing, etc.

Parametry techniczne

Modelpraca nacisk FAD m³/ minmoc KWwoda ilość L * W * H mmWaga
SWVC-06 A / W0.80.3-0.78 5.510800X800X1200460
SWVC-08A/W0.80.35-1.15 7.510800X800X1200510
SWVC-11A/W0.80.54-1.55 11261150X755X1340620
SWVC-15A/W0.80.75-2.30 15261150X755X1340670
SWVC-18A/W0.80.9-3.10 18.5301400X900X1450730
SWVC-22A/W0.81.1-3.42 22301400X900X1450780
SWVC-30A/W0.81.55-5.05 30401550X1150X-1150
11.26-4.20 1550 (A)
1.251.10-3.18 1500X1150X-
1300 (W)
SWVC-37A/W0.81.91-6.10 37401550X1150X-1200
11.60-5.25 1550 (A)
1.251.42-4.85 1500X1150X-
1300 (W)
SWVC-45A/W0.82.50-7.60 45901980X1300X-1490
11.91-6.15 1760 (A)
1.251.70-5.65 1800X1300X-
1680 (W)

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